Earlier Ski Trips

Here are some good moments captured from our previous ski trips!

2005 Les Arcs, France

This trip almost appeared to have taken place indoors, because there are remarkeably few outdoor pictures... But we actually did have good weather and the ski area was great, white, vast, and sometimes challenging. We spent quite a lot of time on the ski cross track and on some big jumps, wich resulted in the highest number of falls ever. Dealing with the punishments was yet another challenge... Che and Ken bought helmets to protect themselves both indoors as well as out on the slopes. However it didn't help when Che fell on his wrist and actually broke it! The last couple of days we got company of Germano (Italian colleague) and his semi-professional skier friend Marco. They brought great Italian mountain food, and this immediately made them our best friends, despite the initial somewhat suspicious attitude from some of the Brittish members...

Team hats.Mogul King and Queen mastering a difficult slope. Ken and Che with new helmets.

Team Italia joining in. Marco's fall.For safety reasons Che is wearing his helmet also while eating risotto.

Having a beer on the way back from La Plagne. Planning where to go.Punishment..!

2004 St Anton, Austria

An incredible place, full of long steep slopes and tricky mogul fields! Guest starring this year were our colleague Elsy and Ken's Italian friend Gabriele. And We celebrated Willy's 60th birthday with champagne!

What a view! Where should we begin?! Che bravely starting the descent. Making evidence of doing one of the steepest mogul fields.

A nice toast over some delicious spare ribs. A bit later in the evening... A really desperate beer drinker!

There are only blacks...! A giant snowman. Sitting at what we believed was Krazy Kanguruh, but watch the sign..!

2003 Cervinia, Italy

Very good skiing both on the Italian side and in Switzerland, with the majestic Matterhorn always visible. Nice grappa and good Italian food (the horrible pizza restaurant being a memorable exception...). The best run was the one through the woods back to the apartment!
Ken falling at the flattest part of the slope.
Che fulfilling his dream of having bent poles like the downhill racers.
...and Ken being furious because it was his poles...
It's cold, let's take the beers inside.

In to the warm pub!Matterhorn from the Cervinia side.

2002 Verbier, Switzerland

Fantastic skiing, fantastic apartment, fantastic home cooking, and a fantastic ski movie.

Choosing restaurant.

Last After Ski. Cheers!

2001 Val d'Isere, France

Lots of moguls off the Grande Motte in Tigne and some difficult off-piste on quite heavy snow the last day. We had private skiing lessons but the teacher misunderstood us and we ended up being taught how to ski big turns old style!
The gorgeous Grande Motte.
Stop for pre-afterski. Snowing!

The famous hole from the James Bond movie.
Off piste! Willy in his vintage ski suit.

Kevin as map master. The lift to Tignes.

Grande Motte. French cuisine for lunch.

2000 Alpe d'Huez, France

This year we had actually arranged for going to St Anton in Austria, but one by one people in the group got injuried from skiing in other places. Ken broke his foot, Willy got a crack in his pelvis - so the number was in the end so reduced that we had to let go of the chalet we had booked. Luckily we found another group of skiers - Marek and his Polish friends - who were going to Alpe d'Huez. We joined in for a shorter ski trip and it turned out to be a really nice place, so nice in fact that we went back there a few years later (2007).

Marek with our reduced core group.

The most memorable run was the Tunnel piste - a very black mogul piste that we went down without realizing what we were doing... The first part was a whiteout of snow. In the strong wind we struggled to find the poles that marked the edge of the piste. Then we went through a small tunnel through the mountain, and met a vast and terribly steep field with moguls that were higher than us. With no possibility of turning back we began our troublesome descent, falling every second turn. After what appeared to be hours of struggle, we finally met up with the patiently waiting Marek, who had skied down without problems...

The Tunnel piste (in good weather). A well deserved beer!

Dinner in Lyon - with oysters, shrimps, snails and escargots of different sizes.

1999 Val Gardena, Italy

Our trip to the famous Dolomites gave us very shifting weather. We managed to do a half a Sella Ronda before strong winds stopped the lifts, and going back was ice cold to say the least. The last day it was snowing heavily, creating great off-piste conditions all over.
Lunch in Cortina. A much longed for break, Warming up after an icy wind at Sella Ronda.
The Dolomite scenery was fantastic. This is Sasso Lungo.
Willy jumping (?) Perhaps better being a beer drinking base ball player?
Che with figure skating waiter behind. Ken enjoying the calm italian nightlife. Cheers for old and new ski heroes!
Funny jumping styles.

1998 Kitzbuhl, Austria

Early on we lost Willy to a knee injury aquired when going off-piste on hard snow. A little later Dave went home, so finally there were only three of us!

Ken was desperately searching for a suitable ski hat:
Tyroler hat...? The devil hat was definitely the right choice.Ready to face the Hahnenkamm!

Hahnenkamm - the last run - ever??. We made it!

In 1998, Ken and Kevin also went to La Plagne in France, and here is a couple of pictures proudly supplied by Kevin, with titles "Thin Kevin" and "Thin Ken":

1997 Claviere, Italy

New attendants this year were our core member Ken and a number of his, Kevin's and Dave's friends. There were lots of activities - jumping, top to bottom speed competitions at the end of the day, Willy's worm style skiing, even frisbee - and in the evenings it was indoors horse races, table football, and dangerous drinking games with sambuca, tequila stuntman and other tricks... And next morning another ski lesson. Phew, where did we get all that energy from..??!
A really warm day. Dave, Che, Susanne and Willy, with the Australian guy.

The skis started to have a slight waist, but nothing compared to todays' carving skis. This ski model however remained Willy's preference until 2005. Hesitation at the top of the black run?

. .

And Dave rented a snowboard...:

1996 Niederau, Austria

The Ski Trip Team truly started to take form, with four of our five core members present: Kevin, Che, Willy and Susanne.

Some of the people who had qualified to the group; Che, Dave, Susanne, Willy and Andy. Kevin tried to recruit some Dutch people, believing they must have the right ski skill level for our team.

Willy and Che helped poor Andy who simply froze on the red run. These pictures are the first of Willy wearing his famous yellow ski suit - a classic!

1995 Pas de la Casa, Andorra

Once upon a time, four young bold men, who were the best of friends, went skiing in a foreign land... This is how the adventure began:

Kevin, Andy and Che starting their adventure by enjoying the beautiful sun, the bright snow, and the delicious food. Before having learnt how to use the lifts, Dave was evidently skiing uphill.

Kevin mastering the unknown dangers of the nursery slope. Che waiting for the others after a demanding descent.

We don't know much more than this, but this first journey apparently lead to the planning of a second one. More people heard about these plans, and were brave enough to join in.

Still, if anybody manages to excavate more material it would be of great interest!

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