Member Presentation

Our members have changed from year to year, but here follows a brief presentation of our core group, i.e. the people who have, with few exceptions, joined in every year since we started.
It's 11 years now since the first trip we made to the tiny resort Niederau in Austria! A modest beginning, that by the years has evolved into these tough demands we have now for the candidate ski resorts...

Very stable skier, takes on every challenge with an attitude as if it was a nursery slope!
Renowned Spag Bol (spaghetti bolognese) gourmet.
Cooks great chinese food.
The fog man, skis at his best when he doesn't see anything - just for us to follow him!
Also famous for his spectacular falls.
Our French connection, specialist in both language and cuisine.
Doesn't jump very high... But he's skiing fast with the most professional style of us all.
Will he put his young daughter Angela in a tough ski training program for the next season..?
The "old man" in the group, but definitely the most fit, and very young at heart!
Crazy about bumps and jumps - if there are some moguls you'll always find him there.
New addition to the gang, and snowboarder, but actually with skis on he beats everyone...
He easily looses things (ski shoes, keys, ski cap etc) but hey, always with a great smile!
Mogul Queen, Ski Cross Queen, what is she queen of this year, jumps perhaps?
North East Italian ski resort specialist and Very Modest Webmaster.

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